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Access to the entire employment process video library. Recommended to watch in playlist order. Designed to help you avoid common pitfalls in the process of getting hired. It's worth seeing even if you've never been fired yet stuck at the same salary level. Eye opener honest explanations of how to get the job you want and earn higher wages. Collection includes what to do when hired. Revealed secrets to longer lasting employment, few ever discuss or put in writing.

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Our Once Hired collection could be named, " What Employers Wish New Hires Knew." Designed so employees will be driven to exceed your expectations for a stronger and longer working relationship. Get a return on your investment in your employees and stop the revolving door. Realize that great employees are armed with knowledge of your expectations early on in the hiring process. Watch the "Welcome to Our Company " trailer which greets your new hires and immediately lays a solid working relationship foundation.

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Employment Agency System

Transform your employment agency with comprehensive work expectations of applicants with all levels of work experience. Discussion tailored for office professionals and medical personnel. Expectations include completing all job assignments and building good work ethics. Retain the best workers with a greater ROI with this powerhouse package. Keep clients coming back for more of your well-trained employees. View the trailer.

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Anyone who wants to be a part of the workforce. We believe that economic empowerment is a one of the pillars of a strong community. We understand that obtaining a job can be easier than keeping the same job over a longer period of time. Unemployment effects the individual, the family, the community and workplace. No one wants to be fired, so we provide common and uncommon keys to survive the office/ work culture. We focus on how to increase your earning potential and reveal the hidden pitfalls to avoid so that you can climb to Higher Heights in life and build a stronger community.

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